On the Late Poetry of J.H. Prynne

Hix Prynne

On the Late Poetry of J.H. Prynne

Hix Eros no. 4, ed. Jo Lindsay Walton & Joe Luna. Designed and typeset by Robbie Dawson. ISSN 2056-8909 (Print). ISSN 2056-8916 (Online).

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Keston Sutherland: Introduction

Michael Tencer: Pearls That Were

Justin Katko: Sex – Triodes – Gilgamesh

Lisa Jeschke: Late Early Poetry: A Commentary on J.H. Prynne’s Unanswering Rational Shore

Timothy Thornton: Acrylic Tips

Joe Luna: Dominance Factor

John Wilkinson: Silicon Versets at Work, Blue Slides at Rest

Abigail Lang: Translating To Pollen

Keston Sutherland: Sub Songs versus the subject: Critical variations on a distinction between Prynne and Hegel

Robin Purves: For-Being: Uncertainty and Contradiction in Kazoo Dreamboats